Living Echoes – it is finished

Almost six years since the initial idea glimmered in my mind, Living Echoes is finally a completed novel. For about half that time, I didn't know how it would end. Every word of the last phrase was clear, except the proper noun subject. It was only as I wrote that the ending crystallized. Then it took me … Continue reading Living Echoes – it is finished


Living Echoes ending

Last night, driving home after a very long day, I was praying for wisdom and guidance on a lot of things. As I prayed, the beauty of  a crescent moon and its reflection on a smooth lake made my heart ache. And I suddenly realized that, in the prayer and the beauty, God had given … Continue reading Living Echoes ending

Living Echoes lives

Living Echoes, one of my current fiction WIP (Works in Progress) lives! It's been over a year since I reported on this novel's progress. The construction of alternating short "now" scenes and longer "then" scenes has made it difficult to write. But this summer I've felt compelled to finish it. Writers often talk about reaching "The … Continue reading Living Echoes lives

Still Echoing

Does it ever happen that you've been giving someone good advice and you suddenly realize you need to take it yourself? That happened to me this week. Having been cracking a whip over the head of a writing friend and encouraging her to take time daily for fiction writing, I realized I was far more … Continue reading Still Echoing

Living Echoes in mid-stream

Longtime readers of this blog may recall that the title Living Echoes first came to me during a personal retreat about a year and a half ago, which I wrote about here. I began a novel with that title in my NaNoWriMo effort of November, 2010. I wrote about the upcoming NaNoWriMo madness and my ideas … Continue reading Living Echoes in mid-stream

Flummoxed by Fiction

I envy people who can concentrate on one work of fiction at a time, which I believe may be most writers. I do a lot of nonfiction writing and I've been focusing on two primary devotional book proposals lately, but I sometimes make time to write in my two most recent novels. Although I've designated … Continue reading Flummoxed by Fiction