Living Echoes lives

tunnelLiving Echoes, one of my current fiction WIP (Works in Progress) lives! It’s been over a year since I reported on this novel’s progress. The construction of alternating short “now” scenes and longer “then” scenes has made it difficult to write. But this summer I’ve felt compelled to finish it.

Writers often talk about reaching “The End” of their novels. It’s that magical point when the plot has played out, when the disjointed scenes have become sequential chapters, and resolution has been reached. It’s also only the first draft and there’s remains a lot of work, revising and fixing, but at least the author knows how it all turns out.

I haven’t reached “The End” quite yet, but it’s in sight as much as the rapidly approaching bright arch at the end of a train tunnel. Today I began putting down the last segment of track; the alternating chapters are behind me and I’m forging forward with chapters that consist entirely of current scenes.

Reaching “The End” of this long project will be like breaking into the light after a long ride through a dark tunnel. I’ll let you know when that happens.


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