Slow learner

Some life lessons we're slow to learn and God keeps teaching. Lessons like waiting, trusting, and resting. Even at my mature age, I'm still a novice. I try to wait patiently on God's will, trust completely in his provision, and rest calmly in his care. But when urgent matters continually pull me from my work … Continue reading Slow learner


DON’T PANIC (in large, friendly letters)

Douglas Adams is the famous author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the source of many memorable quotes among which the most notable may be, "DON'T PANIC," which appears on the front of the fictional guide in large, friendly letters. Google marks what would have been Adams' 61st birthday today with one of its fascinating interactive … Continue reading DON’T PANIC (in large, friendly letters)

God speaks

Sometimes God speak so directly we can almost hear his whisper in our ear. For several weeks, this blog has been primarily in silent mode while I work hard to complete a devotional manuscript. [I'll post more specifics about that when appropriate.] With my intense writing schedule, the most I've managed is posting the occasional … Continue reading God speaks

The two-edged sword of promotion

On this wonderful Wednesday, I'm wondering about promotion, which is a two-edged sword for the Christian who writes. One side of the blade cuts with the necessity of self-promotion, while the other side slices with the desire for kingdom promotion. I write to glorify God. When I begin thinking about my name on the cover … Continue reading The two-edged sword of promotion

>Lifted horns – Psalm 75

>"Monday, Monday," sang the Mamas & the Papas, "so good to me...Monday mornin', it was all I hoped it would be." But by Monday evening, the singer has been deserted and no longer trusts Mondays. Now "whenever Monday can find" her "cryin' all of the time."Modern society views Mondays just as negatively. It sees … Continue reading >Lifted horns – Psalm 75

>The Last of the First

>Today is the last day of the first month in 2010.Are you calling it "two thousand-ten" or "twenty-ten"? An argument for "twenty-ten" is that we didn't say "one thousand, nine hundred-ninety-nine." But I never heard anyone say "twenty-oh-nine" either. Personally, "twenty-ten" sounds like a shotgun caliber and I'm sticking with "two thousand-ten," but it's really … Continue reading >The Last of the First