The Prayer Meeting

Can you imagine a church of over five hundred members holding a prayer meeting, and only two people showing up? Maybe everything is going well in this church. Nobody is ill or mourning the loss of a loved one. Everyone agrees on everything. No one outside the church is attacking it, and all hearts are … Continue reading The Prayer Meeting


Prayer paralysis

A week ago at this time on Monday morning, I was finally getting some sleep--on a bed in my hospital room. That explains why I didn't post a meditation last Monday and why I didn't do much writing last week. (Providentially, I'd scheduled a few news articles to post on my blog.) Now, a week … Continue reading Prayer paralysis

Radio prayer time

Today's a Wonderful Wednesday because the link to my July 5 prayer time/interview regarding Little One Lost is finally up on the KCWN website! Click here and scroll down, then click on the hyperlink under my name. I really appreciated this prayer time with Evelyn, which seemed like a more God-directed approach than a regular interview emphasizing self-promotion. In … Continue reading Radio prayer time

Pleasant places, Psalm 16

For many years, I written out my prayers during times of personal devotion. I've found that this practice helps me not only see specific answers to prayer, but also to pray more intelligently while focusing on God and his glory. Instead of writing out a meditation this morning, I'm posting a personal prayer to give you … Continue reading Pleasant places, Psalm 16

>New Year’s Prayer

>InvocationO Lord, if only You might pour on meAbundant grace of Milton's heavenly muse!That this gray mind would empty shadows fleeAnd into golden praise itself would lose.But Lord, I'm paralyzed with Barak's fearand blinded by my Pharasaic sight.My hearing's grown as hard as Pharoah's ear,While empty echoes rise to Babel's height.You, Lord, gave Milton songs … Continue reading >New Year’s Prayer