Living Echoes in mid-stream

Longtime readers of this blog may recall that the title Living Echoes first came to me during a personal retreat about a year and a half ago, which I wrote about here.

I began a novel with that title in my NaNoWriMo effort of November, 2010. I wrote about the upcoming NaNoWriMo madness and my ideas for Living Echoes at the end of that October (see my post here). Turned out that Living Echoes was a great title for the novel, which I wrote in a format of short, current time sections alternating with longer, flashback background sections.

A lot of water has rushed under my writing bridge since then withLiving Echoesswirling aimlessly in a backwater eddy. But recently it broke loose into the main channel’s current.

The impetus for dislodging it was a writing retreat for members of my online critique group, Sharpened Pencils. I’d been stuck for months with a plot difficulty and the upcoming retreat forced me to write a chapter that needed to be inserted early in the narrative.

Living Echoes is sailing nicely down the middle of the stream. May it please God for it to make safe harbor one day soon.


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