Praise God! (Psalm 150)

The last psalm in the psalter rings with praise. It particularly emphasizes instrumental praise, and since it begins with a direct reference to God's sanctuary, it seems a powerful argument for using all kinds of instruments in worship. It begins with a call to praise God in worship and in the vast expanses of his creation … Continue reading Praise God! (Psalm 150)


>Autumnal Psalm

>Praise GodFor gleaming star that crowns the gilded dawnFor frost that clings to shingled roof and lawnFor breath that fogs in air that’s crisp and clearFor flashing flags of startled antlered deerFor sunlight’s glint on frost-wrapped blades of grassAnd even for the windshield’s frosted glassPraise GodFor warming sun in sky of sapphire bluethat glows through … Continue reading >Autumnal Psalm

>Flame Maple

> Bare winter branches float againsta sullen sky in bitter world;the shadowed, ashen haze recallsan ancient promise froma smoldering fire-pot.The springtime tree is kindled bya blaze of bursting scarlet buds,while blood-red petals bless the ground.It seems a bush ablazewith unconsuming fire.Its summer green conceals bright firewithin a pillared cloud of leavesproviding wanderers with peaceand rest … Continue reading >Flame Maple