Flummoxed by Fiction

I envy people who can concentrate on one work of fiction at a time, which I believe may be most writers. I do a lot of nonfiction writing and I’ve been focusing on two primary devotional book proposals lately, but I sometimes make time to write in my two most recent novels.

Although I’ve designated Fridays as fiction days, the reality is that I must often use them to meet nonfiction deadlines. But today I made a stab at a thorny organizational problem that’s been pricking my mind. I’d decided that a character in my novel, Living Echoes, was going to play a large enough role that I needed to insert an earlier chapter showing more of her personality and her relationship with Jillian (the protagonist).

I thought about making the action take place during the summer between Jillian’s freshman and sophomore years of college. But after reading over the chapter I believed the new one needed to precede, I realized the action should take place over Thanksgiving break. I even noted that fact in my journal.

I began writing the chapter. I wrote a telephone conversation scene that I really like. Then I looked at it in amazement. After just deciding the chapter should take place over Thanksgiving break, I’d written it at the beginning of summer. 

Fiction often takes me places I didn’t intend to go. Today it totally flummoxed me.


3 thoughts on “Flummoxed by Fiction

  1. I envy people who can write fiction at all! Although I definitely enjoy writing, I’ve never successfully ventured beyond the bounds of essays and articles. Maybe someday…

    Michael Kearney
    West Sayville URC

  2. In many ways, writing fiction is more fun than writing nonfiction, but nonfiction can also be enjoyable and each can be difficult or easy. Fiction can be like letting the movie reel of your imagination run, while nonfiction can be almost as simple as writing a list. The tricky part comes in making your imagination or list interesting. I take hope from knowing there are many excellent authors who transcend genre borders. I call myself an “inter-genre-tional” author!

    1. I like that analogy…”Fiction can be like letting the movie reel of your imagination run.” The best fiction writers are the ones who can tell any story engagingly. In any case, keep up the good writing work! 🙂


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