God speaks

Sometimes God speak so directly we can almost hear his whisper in our ear. For several weeks, this blog has been primarily in silent mode while I work hard to complete a devotional manuscript. [I'll post more specifics about that when appropriate.] With my intense writing schedule, the most I've managed is posting the occasional … Continue reading God speaks


Praise God! (Psalm 150)

The last psalm in the psalter rings with praise.┬áIt particularly emphasizes instrumental praise, and since it begins with a direct reference to God's sanctuary, it seems a powerful argument for using all kinds of instruments in worship. It begins with a call to praise God in worship and in the vast expanses of his creation … Continue reading Praise God! (Psalm 150)

>Dirge into Doxology

>I admit there are times when I need to work at turning dirge into doxology by changing negative thoughts into positive praise.By nature I am inclined to be a "glass half-empty" person, and circumstances often create chronic negative thinking patterns. Being outside and seeing the beauty of God's creation helps turn my thoughts inside out.The … Continue reading >Dirge into Doxology