Jubilee Tour explores Reformation sites

Dr. Cornel Venema and his wife, Nancy, never expected they would lead a tour group in Europe to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. But in God’s providence, they were in Germany on the actual date marking the event. Tony Aguilar, representing Levia Tour in New York City, contacted Dr. Venema and asked … Continue reading Jubilee Tour explores Reformation sites


URC seeks right house for worship in DC

  For the last five years, Christ Reformed Church (URCNA) has met for worship in the historic Grace Reformed Church building, located on 15th Street in downtown Washington, DC. Like other Gothic Revival style churches, the building features lofty spires and luminous stained-glass windows. But the architecture stands alone in its sculptural tributes to key … Continue reading URC seeks right house for worship in DC

Hope for reformation in Germany

  Reformed Christians who value the Heidelberg Catechism may have difficulty imagining Germany as a country requiring reformation. But that’s the reality. Many church buildings are now museums with tourists passing through rather than believers sitting under the preaching of the Word. But gospel light is piercing the dark religious landscape of Germany. Reformed believers … Continue reading Hope for reformation in Germany

Imprisoned for her faith

Marie Durand by Simonetta Carr; Christian Biographies for Young Readers; Reformation Heritage Books; cloth; 64 pages; © 2015 Wrongful incarceration is a hot topic of current interest, but few people realize how many Christians have been imprisoned (often without even the pretense of a trial) for their faith. Arrested as a young woman, Marie Durand remained in prison … Continue reading Imprisoned for her faith

URC in Santee reaches out with Reformation teaching

The first-ever Reformation Conference hosted by Christ URC in Santee, CA, drew an astounding number of first-time visitors. Of the approximately 130 attendees, more than 60 were not church members. “The idea behind the conference was to provide San Diego with an opportunity to be introduced to the Reformation and Reformed theology,” explains Rev. Michael … Continue reading URC in Santee reaches out with Reformation teaching

New Zealand Reformation celebrations

Reformation celebrations are rather rare in New Zealand. Yet churches belonging to the Reformed Churches of New Zealand (RCNZ) hosted some significant Reformation-related events in 2012. Rev. Leo de Vos says about a meeting held on Reformation Day in the Reformed Church of Silverstream, “Some of our churches are not inclined to have services on … Continue reading New Zealand Reformation celebrations

The RPCNA’s Reformation Indy 2012

About 200 people attended the Reformation Indy 2012 conference at Southside Indianapolis Reformed Presbyterian Church on March 23-24, 2012. Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr., president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, spoke on the theme, “Divine Guidance: Finding God’s Will in a Confusing World.” “I was assigned the topic,” Dr. Pipa says, “but think it very useful … Continue reading The RPCNA’s Reformation Indy 2012

Calgary conference: “Ingredients for Reformation Today”

A Reformation conference hosted by Bethel URC in Calgary, AB, on October 28-29, 2011, explored intriguing topics under the theme: “Reformation Then and Now: Ingredients for Reformation Today.” Dr. J. Mark Beach, Professor of Ministerial and Doctrinal Studies at Mid-America Reformed Seminary, spoke about the need for modern believers to overcome tendencies toward works religion … Continue reading Calgary conference: “Ingredients for Reformation Today”

Colorado Springs conference on the grace of God

The Springs Reformed Church hosted its fourth annual Colorado Springs Reformation Day Conference from October 28-30, 2011. The Colorado church is affiliated with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA), sometimes referred to as “the Covenanters” due to its association with the Scottish branch of the Reformation. The denomination consists of nearly 100 congregations … Continue reading Colorado Springs conference on the grace of God

Reformation resources

You won't see John Calvin bobble-heads or Martin Luther window clings in the seasonal aisle of your local discount store, but Reformation Day is right around the corner. Many Reformed churches sponsor conferences this time of year, which recharge adults' Reformed batteries, but what about the kids? How does your family or church jumpstart children's … Continue reading Reformation resources