Jubilee Tour explores Reformation sites

Dr. Cornel Venema and his wife, Nancy, never expected they would lead a tour group in Europe to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. But in God’s providence, they were in Germany on the actual date marking the event. Tony Aguilar, representing Levia Tour in New York City, contacted Dr. Venema and asked … Continue reading Jubilee Tour explores Reformation sites


Remembering Dr. Richard J. Venema

  On November 30, 2015, the Lord took home to glory Dr. Richard J. Venema at the age of 93. He served many churches in multiple federations and was well-known within the Reformed community as a forthright defender of God’s truth. Writing a memorial piece always carries the danger of either idolizing or idealizing a … Continue reading Remembering Dr. Richard J. Venema

Cheyenne Reformation Conference focuses on the future’s promise

Cheyenne, WY, may bring to mind its world-famous rodeo and Frontier Days that have attracted visitors for over 100 years, or perhaps the Warren Air Force Base, command center for the US Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. But the city is also the site of the annual Cheyenne Reformation Conference hosted for the last four years by … Continue reading Cheyenne Reformation Conference focuses on the future’s promise

New Zealand Reformation celebrations

Reformation celebrations are rather rare in New Zealand. Yet churches belonging to the Reformed Churches of New Zealand (RCNZ) hosted some significant Reformation-related events in 2012. Rev. Leo de Vos says about a meeting held on Reformation Day in the Reformed Church of Silverstream, “Some of our churches are not inclined to have services on … Continue reading New Zealand Reformation celebrations

Mid-America Reformed Seminary

This has been a Messenger week. Regular readers know I write for Christian Renewal, but may not be aware that I also write for Mid-America Reformed Seminary, which is located south of Chicago in Dyer, IN. As Contributing Editor for the Seminary's newsletter, the Messenger, I usually write a few articles for each issue and … Continue reading Mid-America Reformed Seminary

Grace given to minister: Drs. Richard & Cornel Venema

It seems ironic that Dr. Cornel Venema has spent many years involved in academia and serves as a seminary president when a memory from his childhood he and his father share was that when he began his education, he hated school. “I recall that when he started school,” says Dr. Richard Venema, “he evidently walked … Continue reading Grace given to minister: Drs. Richard & Cornel Venema