Student housing complex completed at WSC

Westminster Seminary California has completed a student housing project called Westminster Village. As of September 2018, 60 of the 64 apartments were occupied by families, couples, or single students. The Seminary anticipated the remaining apartments would fill with the arrival of new students in the spring of 2019. Among those living in the new apartments … Continue reading Student housing complex completed at WSC


WSC: New President, student housing

When W. Robert Godfrey spoke to a group of Christian students at UCLA almost 25 years ago, he had no idea that college senior Joel Kim would one day take his place as President of Westminster Seminary California. Rev. Joel Kim began serving as WSC’s fourth president on August 1, 2017, following Dr. Godfrey’s retirement. … Continue reading WSC: New President, student housing

The Senator and the Seminary

  Republican senator Ben Sasse, from Nebraska, spoke at the May 28, 2016, commencement service of Westminster Seminary California. His topic was “Never Again Will Jerusalem Grieve.” Mark MacVey, Vice-President for Enrollment Management, said about the speech, “Senator Sasse reflected on his experience in the U.S. Senate and provided observations regarding the unique cultural challenges … Continue reading The Senator and the Seminary

Hope for reformation in Germany

  Reformed Christians who value the Heidelberg Catechism may have difficulty imagining Germany as a country requiring reformation. But that’s the reality. Many church buildings are now museums with tourists passing through rather than believers sitting under the preaching of the Word. But gospel light is piercing the dark religious landscape of Germany. Reformed believers … Continue reading Hope for reformation in Germany

Yi Wang: Chinese architect for Italian Reformation

Yi Wang (pronounced Ee Wan) was born in northeast China in 1989. He says, “I know it was a sensitive year, but I didn’t have a choice.” As Yi grew up, he developed an atheistic and evolutionary worldview. But while attending college to become an architect, Yi’s mind often filled with important questions about life … Continue reading Yi Wang: Chinese architect for Italian Reformation

URC ministers conference focuses on the ordinary

  About 45 ministers met for a United Reformed Church pastors conference, held from June 1-3, 2015, at Westminster Seminary California (WSC). With a theme of “The Ordinary Ministry,” it was appropriate for Dr. Michael Horton (Escondido URC, Escondido, CA) to speak on Monday evening about his recent book, Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, … Continue reading URC ministers conference focuses on the ordinary

Calvin Seminary appoints URC man to moral theology position

  On June 15, 2015, delegates at the CRCNA’s Synod unanimously ratified the appointment of Dr. Matthew Tuininga as Assistant Professor of Moral Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. Dr. Tuininga is a member and licensed exhorter of Covenant United Reformed Church in Pantego, NC. “Moral theology encompasses our understanding of the practical implications of the … Continue reading Calvin Seminary appoints URC man to moral theology position

Confirmation in the Lord’s timing: Mark Vander Pol ordination

Mark Vander Pol was ordained to the gospel ministry during morning worship on February 2, 2014, at Christ United Reformed Church in Santee, CA. Christ URC’s pastor, Rev. Michael Brown preached from Ephesians 4:1-6 on Christ’s gift of pastors to his church. Dr. Michael Horton, Associate Pastor, gave the charge to the minister from 2 … Continue reading Confirmation in the Lord’s timing: Mark Vander Pol ordination