Hope for reformation in Germany

  Reformed Christians who value the Heidelberg Catechism may have difficulty imagining Germany as a country requiring reformation. But that’s the reality. Many church buildings are now museums with tourists passing through rather than believers sitting under the preaching of the Word. But gospel light is piercing the dark religious landscape of Germany. Reformed believers … Continue reading Hope for reformation in Germany


God’s Spirit at work in women’s prison

If number of tears shed is an indication, Divine Hope’s summer study center at Rockville Correctional Facility was a huge success. Tears sprang to eyes as women inmates shared heartbreaking concerns. Tears flowed as music touched hearts. And tears welled in eyes shining with joy and hope in Jesus Christ. “God mightily blessed the six-week … Continue reading God’s Spirit at work in women’s prison

“Not My Own” in Indonesian

  Stefanus Kristianto became my Facebook friend when he messaged that he was translating into Indonesian the catechism workbook I wrote, Not My Own: Discovering God's Comfort in the Heidelberg Catechism. Yesterday (January 22) he shared this picture of the cover, posted by Bayu Gunawan. It's easy to figure out which words mean "Heidelberg Catechism" and "God," but I'm … Continue reading “Not My Own” in Indonesian

Catechism project update

Looking through past issues of Christian Renewal to see what news article I should post today, I realized I should share an exciting update about the Life in Christ catechism curriculum. The series has been so well received that it is going into a second printing. Books have been sold in several other countries and … Continue reading Catechism project update

GI Williamson: Reflecting on 60 years of ministry

Many men may be honored for 60 years in ministry, but few would equal the extensive influence of Rev. G. I. Williamson. Rev. Williamson has spread the gospel in global contexts, preaching and teaching in the United States, New Zealand, and other countries. His written works have been translated into multiple languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, … Continue reading GI Williamson: Reflecting on 60 years of ministry

Lifted Veil

Don't you love those times when God lifts the veil and gives you a glimpse of his work? We see his work all the time and all around us, of course, but there is so much of his providential work that takes place beyond our limited vision. And sometimes he allows us a glimpse by … Continue reading Lifted Veil