>URCNA Synod-6, Theological Education, Overture 13

>The issue of concluding the work of the unity committees (the three committees that have been working toward unity with the CanRC) was tabled temporarily until after dealing with the report regarding the Theological Education Committee.Synod declared that the Theological Education Committee's mandate has been fulfilled and dismissed the Committee with thanks. Synod did not … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-6, Theological Education, Overture 13

>URCNA Synod-5, PJCO, Overtures 3, 5, 13 & 18

>Discussion on the floor of Synod finished the report of the advisory committee dealing with the songbook and liturgical forms. It is now discussing the Proposed Joint Church Order.Those recommendations asked that Synod "accept for continued study" the PJCO 2010, that Synod instruct the churches that suggested changes to the PJCO 2010 should be addressed … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-5, PJCO, Overtures 3, 5, 13 & 18

>URCNA Synod-4

>I'm typing from the auditorium where the second plenary session of the day will begin soon. This morning Synod met briefly before delegates were dismissed into their advisory committees. Several committees have now presented reports that will be considered this afternoon and--no doubt--late into the evening.

>URCNA Synod-3, Canadian Night

>When Synod went back to plenary session this evening, Chairman Ralph Pontier joked that the initial reports coming from Advisory Committees would be designated in honor of our Canadian hosts and the country in which we were meeting, for example, "Six, eh" (6-A).It's not unusual for these initial reports to be referred back to committee … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-3, Canadian Night

>URCNA Synod-2, Getting Down to Business

>Rev. Royal opened Synod this morning at 8:00 with reading from Hebrews 12 and leading the assembly in singing "O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing." Because some motions were made addressing procedural issues, it took a while for Synod to be declared constituted, but it eventually was and four new congregations were welcomed into … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-2, Getting Down to Business