>URCNA Synod-5, PJCO, Overtures 3, 5, 13 & 18

>Discussion on the floor of Synod finished the report of the advisory committee dealing with the songbook and liturgical forms. It is now discussing the Proposed Joint Church Order.

Those recommendations asked that Synod “accept for continued study” the PJCO 2010, that Synod instruct the churches that suggested changes to the PJCO 2010 should be addressed by way of overtures to Synod, and that Synod reappoint the current committee to continue working with the Canadian Reformed sub-committee to address unfinished matters.

Synod then declared this its answer to Overture #18. There were concerns expressed that delegates were not aware that approving the recommendations was considered the answer to Overture #18. Chairman Pontier ruled that reporters must read entire recommendations to avoid future misunderstanding.

Regarding the Majority and Minority reports from the PJCO, Synod voted to withhold action on these reports since the PJCO has not yet been adopted.

Synod acceded to Overture #3 regarding a change to Article 66 of the Church Order, dealing with two-thirds ratification required before changes take effect. Ratification will be at a time frame determined by Synod.

Overture #13 had requested the conclusion of the current mandate of the unity committees. Synod adopted a recommendation reaffirming “our conviction that the Canadian Reformed Churches are a federation of true and faithful churches of Christ, whom we love and respect as fellow-workers in the kingdom.”

Synod encourages churches to facilitate further opportunities of interaction with Canadian Reformed Church by implementing “the essential work” of building “organic, heartfelt unity.”

Synod accedes to a recommendation stating that “challenges and concerns remain” regarding the relationship with Canadian Reformed Churches.

Several delegates have spoken against the recommendation that Synod NOT accede to the request of Overture #13. So far only three speakers in favor of the recommendation. Discussion has ceased on this matter until after the order of the day.

More later.


One thought on “>URCNA Synod-5, PJCO, Overtures 3, 5, 13 & 18

  1. >Thanks so much for your dilgence in listening & reporting! The issues before Synod, though seemingly arcane, represent much energy, concern and many late evening hours on the part of Consistories. I will be eagerly awaiting your next blog post. You should ask if the Kansas City delegates brought any Arthur Bryant's BBQ to share 😉

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