>URCNA Synod-6, Theological Education, Overture 13

>The issue of concluding the work of the unity committees (the three committees that have been working toward unity with the CanRC) was tabled temporarily until after dealing with the report regarding the Theological Education Committee.

Synod declared that the Theological Education Committee’s mandate has been fulfilled and dismissed the Committee with thanks. Synod did not adopt the “hybrid” model proposed by the Theological Education Committee.

Synod then returned to the discussion about concluding the work of the unity committees. Now that the work of the Theological Education Committee has been concluded, the wording was changed to the “remaining” unity committees (the songbook and joint church order committees). But an earlier action continued the work of the PJCO.

A motion was made to reconsider the seven recommendations made earlier today regarding the PJCO as the declared answer to Overture #13. That motion failed.

Recommendation 5 was back on the floor. The vote on it failed. This means that Overture #13 was not answered.

It was moved that the Synod pick up Overture #13, and then that Synod recommit this matter to the pre-advice committee. The matter of Overture #5 was also recommitted to the committee.

For more on these issues, see upcoming articles in Christian Renewal.


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