>URCNA Synod-16, Emeritation of Ministers

>The September 15, 2010 issue of Christian Renewal carried my final report about the actions of the URCNA's Synod London 2010. This report deals with the appointment of a committee to study ministers' retirement. I'm numbering this post to follow the last Synod report I posted on August 9.URCNA Synod London 2010:Committee to study Emeritation … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-16, Emeritation of Ministers


>URCNA Synod-15, Chaplaincy

>Thanks for your patience during my busy last week! What follows is the report I submitted to Christian Renewal regarding Synod London 2010's actions related to the armed forces chaplaincy.URCNA Synod London 2010Armed Forces Chaplaincy: Protecting those who protectby Glenda MathesSynod affirmed its Kuyperian belief that Christ’s lordship extends to all of life with a … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-15, Chaplaincy

>URCNA Synod-14, Point of Personal Privilege (2)

>I'm home! I arrived home just before midnight on Saturday night. I confess that, in spite of a great sermon in which I was genuinely interested, I had a difficult time staying awake during Sunday morning worship. After a long nap Sunday afternoon, I was more alert for the evening service. I usually can't get … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-14, Point of Personal Privilege (2)

>URCNA Synod -13, Point of Personal Privilege

>It sometimes happens during a major ecclesiastical assembly that a delegate will request a "point of personal privilege." Generally the delegate wishes to convey some personal sentiment that doesn't directly address the issue at hand, but is nevertheless important for the body to hear.Before I leave the campus where Synod was held and spend a … Continue reading >URCNA Synod -13, Point of Personal Privilege

>URCNA Synod-12, Federal Vision

>The issue of most interest to me was the report from the committee studying Federal Vision and Justification. As I mentioned in my earlier post on the "Nine Points" that were adopted by Synod Schererville 2007, I have been following this issue since observing the RCUS Synod at which their report was adopted. I witnessed … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-12, Federal Vision

>URCNA Synod-11, Doctrinal Commitment

>Synod Schererville 2007 had appointed a study committee to explore the issue of doctrinal commitment necessary for membership and that committee reported to this year's Synod.The six-member committee was evenly split into Position 1 (Membership Access with Stipulations) and Position 2 (Membership Access with Full Assent). The Advisory Committee presented a Majority and Minority reports. … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-11, Doctrinal Commitment

>URCNA Synod-10, Missions

>Earlier in its deliberations, Synod had voted to "evaluate the need for a part-time/full-time or 'volunteer' URCNA mission coordinator position and to appoint a study committee to evaluate the need for a mission coordinator.Last evening Synod adopted a mandate for the study committee "to develop a proposed set of federational mission policies and guidelines." The … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-10, Missions

>URCNA Synod-9, The Nine Points

>Appeal #1 came from Hills URC and took issue with the procedure used by Synod Schererville 2007 when it adopted the item of pastoral advice that has become known as the "Nine Points."The appeal and presenters made clear that the theological content of the "Nine Points" was not the issue; the procedure was. The gist … Continue reading >URCNA Synod-9, The Nine Points

>URCNA Synod Reports-8, Ecumenical relations (CERCU)

>This morning Synod decided to enter into Phase 2, Ecclesiastical Fellowship, with the Reformed Church of Quebec (ERQ), but tabled indefinitely a recommendation to move to Phase 2 with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA). According to synodical guidelines, a motion to table indefinitely can be made when it is "wise and prudent … Continue reading >URCNA Synod Reports-8, Ecumenical relations (CERCU)

>URCNA Synod -7, Website oversight

>As the evening wore on, delegates flew through recommendations regarding website oversight. Rev. Talman Wagenmaker, reporter for the pre-advice committee, read the committee's recommendations so quickly that Chairman Pontier asked if he could preach a two-hour sermon in twenty minutes.His quick, but articulate, reading set the pace for Synod's actions on the 15 recommendations.Regarding a … Continue reading >URCNA Synod -7, Website oversight