>URCNA Synod-2, Getting Down to Business

>Rev. Royal opened Synod this morning at 8:00 with reading from Hebrews 12 and leading the assembly in singing “O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing.” Because some motions were made addressing procedural issues, it took a while for Synod to be declared constituted, but it eventually was and four new congregations were welcomed into the federation. The body ratified the previously provisional memberships of Covenant in Carbondale, PA; Trinity in Visalia, CA; First in Oak Lawn, IL; and Redeemer in Regina, SK.

Adopting the provisional agenda generated some discussion regarding appeals that had not been put on it. Motions carried to consider two appeals that had not been included on the agenda. Motions were made to remove certain overtures from the agenda, but those motions were defeated. The provisional agenda was adopted with the addition of the two appeals.

CERCU’s request to allow Canadian Reformed brothers the privilege of the floor for an hour this evenings was approved.

Officers were finally elected at about 10:30. Rev. Ralph Pontier is chairman; Rev. Ronald Scheuers is vice-chairman; Rev. Doug Barnes is first clerk; Rev. Bradd Nymeyer is second clerk.

The new officers took their places before the assembly and the chair dismissed the advisory committees to their respective meetings places.

Since I was present at the RCUS Synod that adopted that body’s report on Justification, at the Classis Michigan meeting that passed the overture to adopt that report, and at Synod Schererville when it responded to the overture, I was interested to follow the progress of the study report on the Federal Vision and sat in on that committee as it deliberated for its first hour of work.

I don’t believe it’s appropriate to comment on its actions while the committee is still working out its recommendations to Synod, but I can say that there appears to be unity of purpose.

More later, the Lord willing.


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