>URCNA Synod-1

>After a weary day of traveling, I’m in my room at the URCNA Synod 2010 and I have internet access. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way (four hour drive yesterday, security check, two flights, and over two hour drive today), my wireless mouse bit the dust. Thankfully, I have a new laptop with a keyboard that works far better than my old one. Unfortunately, I had an entire blog typed up when I realized that blogger had inexplicably reversed the order of my blogs on my dashboard and I had inadvertently posted on my personal family blog. Even more unfortunately, none of the several methods I have tried will allow me to simply copy and paste the information into the correct blog. So I’m starting over.

The best thing about Synod is the fellowship with friend that one hasn’t seen in some time, sometimes years, and meeting electronic aquaintances. It’s great fun to put a face with a name. I’ve already had several opportunities to greet old and new friends.

The next best thing about Synod is the singing. My own praise swells when I hear all those strong male voices laud God.

At tonight’s service, Rev. Dennis Royal spoke on “The Wide-Open Gates of Zion” from Psalm 87. He began by stressing the necessity of the church for salvation and noted how the Psalm anticipates Pentecost, when Babel was reversed. He said that although those 3,000 converts may have seemed like a small pebble rippling the surface of the sea of humanity, Christ’s church has turned into a tsunami.

He noted that the United Reformed Churches of North America (URCNA) began with a passion for preaching and expressed the prayer that God would maintain that commitment.

He alerted hearers to the beautiful imagery of all our “springs” being in Christ and urged delegates to remember, “God loves His Zion. He loves His true church. Keep this foremost in your mind; it’s His church.”

I’ve been awake since 3:45; it’s now after 10:30, which is far too late for me to hope to type coherently–particularly without a mouse!

Delegates begin meeting tomorrow morning at 8:00. Most of the day will likely be spent in advisory committee meetings. Please pray for delegates as they meet to deliberate on important issues in that part of Christ’s church we know and love as the URCNA.


2 thoughts on “>URCNA Synod-1

  1. >Thanks for update on day one… will follow it and will prayerfully see that we praise God along with you! Nice to know your travel went on well.

  2. >Thanks so much for your summary of the message and Synod comments. You are right-on with the thrill of listening to all those men praise the Lord. Your blog will help us pray for these men as they diligently strive to serve Christ in His church. Love your blog on the Psalms too!

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