Secret of Chimneys

Mysteries were my standard reading fare during the long summer breaks between my highschool years. Ever since I've equated summer reading with mysteries. And although I now have several favorite authors, my first favorite mystery writer--and one who remains a favorite despite some criticisms--is Agatha Christie. Last night I read The Secret of Chimneys, one of her … Continue reading Secret of Chimneys


The two-edged sword of promotion

On this wonderful Wednesday, I'm wondering about promotion, which is a two-edged sword for the Christian who writes. One side of the blade cuts with the necessity of self-promotion, while the other side slices with the desire for kingdom promotion. I write to glorify God. When I begin thinking about my name on the cover … Continue reading The two-edged sword of promotion

Redeeming YA fiction

Janie B. Cheaney and Emily A. Whitten write discerningly about Young Adult literature over at their Redeemed Reader website. Yesterday's intriguing post by Janie piques my interest in the "Use and Abuse of Youth Literature." The two recently interviewed Meghan Cox Gurdon who wrote in June for the Wall Street Journal a controversy generating review about the "Darkness … Continue reading Redeeming YA fiction

Thinking biblically about literature and movies

The August issue of Tabletalk by Ligonier Ministries warms my heart with a subject close to it: literature. In the past, I've read R.C. Sproul's thoughts on "The Unholy Pursuit of God in Moby Dick," but that brief article in the August Tabletalk is an excellent summary of his views. In "Good and Evil in the … Continue reading Thinking biblically about literature and movies