Thinking biblically about literature and movies

The August issue of Tabletalk by Ligonier Ministries warms my heart with a subject close to it: literature.

In the past, I’ve read R.C. Sproul’s thoughts on “The Unholy Pursuit of God in Moby Dick,” but that brief article in the August Tabletalk is an excellent summary of his views. In “Good and Evil in the Lord of the Rings,” Keith A. Mathison expresses many of the same concepts I’ve spoken or written about the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Other fascinating articles are “Law, Grace and Redemption in Les Misérables” by Michael Morales and “Truth and Lies in The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus” by R.C. Sproul, Jr. These articles alone make the August issue worth picking up. Huge thanks to David te Grotenhuis for mentioning the issue to me.

The issue ties in remarkably well with a couple of excellent (and quick to watch) videos on Movieology, a great movie review site sponsored by American Vision. The videos ask, “What is a Biblical View of Fantasy Movies?” and provide an excellent defense of fiction or fantasy that conveys biblical truth.

I discovered Movieology earlier this week and have been impressed with its reviews, which are a step above the usual “family friendly” Christian review sites. Such sites generally attempt to rate movies based on amount of gore or incidences of profanity, a rating method that is more about legalism than about developing a Christian worldview. Movieology features refreshing and innovative reviews that help viewers employ the brains God gave them.

Tolle Lege (pick up and read) the latest issue of Tabletalk. And head over to Movieology for some informed reviews.


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