Redeeming YA fiction

Janie B. Cheaney and Emily A. Whitten write discerningly about Young Adult literature over at their Redeemed Reader website. Yesterday’s intriguing post by Janie piques my interest in the “Use and Abuse of Youth Literature.”

The two recently interviewed Meghan Cox Gurdon who wrote in June for the Wall Street Journal a controversy generating review about the “Darkness Too Visible” in youth fiction.

I read Meghan’s article when it first came out. She shares the story of a mother who can’t find anything decent to purchase for her daughter in the YA section of her local Barnes & Noble. I, too, have stood in the YA section of B & N, feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. It’s one of the reasons I keep working on fiction for young people as well as adults.

Janie commented on Redeemed Reader soon after Meghan’s article was published. You can read her reflections here.

Head over to Redeemed Reader and read Janie’s excellent June reflections as well as her excellent post on using and abusing youth literature!


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