Cheyenne Reformation Conference focuses on the future’s promise

Northwoods Presbyterian Church in Cheyenne, WY
Northwoods Presbyterian Church in Cheyenne, WY

Cheyenne, WY, may bring to mind its world-famous rodeo and Frontier Days that have attracted visitors for over 100 years, or perhaps the Warren Air Force Base, command center for the US Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

But the city is also the site of the annual Cheyenne Reformation Conference hosted for the last four years by Northwoods Presbyterian Church (PCA).

Conference organizer Dr. Alex Ramig explains its goal: “The conference focuses on bringing seminary quality teaching to Wyoming and is certainly unique in our state and possibly even in the entire Rocky Mountain, USA, region.”

The 2013 Cheyenne Reformation Conference, held on October 11 & 12, featured Dr. Cornel Venema speaking on “The Last Days: The Unfailing Promise of the Future.”

A Friday evening concert led off the conference. In Session 1, Dr. Venema spoke about “The ‘Signs of the Times’ and Christ’s Triumph,” showing how in the “Olivet discourse” of Matthew 24 Christ comprehensively describes what will occur during the time between His first and second advents.

Session 2 on Saturday morning, “The Millennium and Christ’s Triumph,” explored John’s extraordinary vision in Revelation 20 (which has been interpreted in different ways) about the reign of Christ and His gathering of the nations.

In Session 3, Dr. Venema used 1 Corinthians 15 to show Paul’s encouragement to the church with the truth of our “Resurrection Hope and Christ’s Triumph” over death.

Session 4 focused on “Promised Rest for Christ’s Church and Christ’s Triumph” by examining Paul’s instruction in 2 Thessalonians 1 regarding the certain promise of Christ’s return and rescue of His church.

The sessions were followed by a question and answer period, and Dr. Venema preached at the morning worship service of Northwoods Reformed Church on the subsequent Sunday.

Over 80 people attended the conference, most from Wyoming, but others from Colorado, Nebraska and Texas. Attendees indicated that the conference exceeded their expectations and they would recommend it to others.

“I received many informal comments of appreciation,” relates Dr. Ramig. “Especially noted was Dr. Venema’s scholarly knowledge, his ability to communicate effectively and his pastor’s heart.”

Pastor Bob Hemphill, Laramie Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA), expressed his thankfulness to conference organizers: “By  God’s grace, you ran another excellent program from speaker to subject, to registration, to books, to food and to music. All was worthwhile, delightful and well-organized. It’s a great blessing to have this annual conference in our state.”

Previous conference speakers have included Dr. Scott Clark, Dr. Dennis Johnson, and Dr. Derek Thomas. The 2014 Cheyenne Reformation Conference is scheduled for October 24-25 with Dr. Joel Beeke.

Conference recordings are available here.

This article by Glenda Mathes appeared on page 13 of the November 13, 2013, issue of Christian Renewal.


2 thoughts on “Cheyenne Reformation Conference focuses on the future’s promise

  1. I remember Dr Venema speaking in Christchurch, New Zealand just over a year ago. He is indeed a wonderful man, able to express himself well.
    And I’ve been writing some about the future on my blog as well.
    Best wishes for 2014, Mrs Mathes!
    In Christ,

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