>URCNA Synod-10, Missions

>Earlier in its deliberations, Synod had voted to “evaluate the need for a part-time/full-time or ‘volunteer’ URCNA mission coordinator position and to appoint a study committee to evaluate the need for a mission coordinator.

Last evening Synod adopted a mandate for the study committee “to develop a proposed set of federational mission policies and guidelines.” The committee is to take into consideration the possibility of a missions coordinator position and was given several recommendations to guide its direction. Those appointed to the committee are: Rev. Michael Brown (chair), Rev. Jody Lucero (Clerk), Rev. William Boekestein, Rev. Harry Bout, Elder Paul Wagenmaker, Rev. Richard Anjema, and Rev. Kevin Efflandt. Alternates are: Rev. Steve Arrick, Rev. Alan Vander Pol, Rev. Reuben Sernas, and Elder Harry Kooistra.

Many delegates privately expressed the encouragement and joy they felt about the URCNA moving toward a more unified front on the mission field.

More reports and details will be available in the next issue of Christian Renewal.


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