>URCNA Synod -7, Website oversight

>As the evening wore on, delegates flew through recommendations regarding website oversight. Rev. Talman Wagenmaker, reporter for the pre-advice committee, read the committee’s recommendations so quickly that Chairman Pontier asked if he could preach a two-hour sermon in twenty minutes.

His quick, but articulate, reading set the pace for Synod’s actions on the 15 recommendations.

Regarding a webmaster, Synod declared that the Stated Clerk and the Webmaster “may or may not” be the same person. Synod granted the Website Oversight Committee (WOC) authority to “establish and maintain” the duties of the Webmaster “with the approval of the Oversight Consistory.” Synod also granted the WOC authority to appoint a webmaster, with the approval of the Oversight Consistory, if Synod does not appoint a webmaster. The webmaster must be a voting member of the WOC. Synod set the webmaster’s annual remuneration at $3,000 and specified that it not be taken from the website fund.

Chairman Pontier expressed warm appreciation to Mr. Bill Konynenbelt for his years of service to the committee and Synod gave him a round of hearty applause.

Synod also thanked Grace URC of Waupon for its consistory’s oversight of the WOC, voted not to set a term limit for a consistory’s service as the Oversight Consistory, and reappointed Grace’s consistory as the Oversight Consistory until the next Synod.

Each Classis has been submitting $200 per year to the WOC fund and Synod agreed to the WOC’s request to reduce that to $100 per year since the WOC has a current balance sufficient for three years.

Synod thanked Covenant URC of Kalamazoo for transferring ownership of the urcna.com and urcna.net internet domains.

The WOC produces a directory for download, available as a PDF on the password-protected side of the website. Synod mandated that the WOC continue this practice.

The Oversight Consistory had requested a name change to the “Partnering Consistory,” but Synod did not approve that change. The name will remain “Oversight Consistory.”

The duties of the Oversight Consistory were refined to include acting as a “legal entity” when necessary and acting as the “responsible ecclesiastical assembly” between Synods.

Finally, Synod asked the Liturgical Forms Committee to come up with new introductions for the Canons of Dort, Confession of Faith, and Heidelberg Catechism on the website.

More information on Synod London 2010 will appear in the next issue of Christian Renewal.


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