>URCNA Synod Reports-8, Ecumenical relations (CERCU)

>This morning Synod decided to enter into Phase 2, Ecclesiastical Fellowship, with the Reformed Church of Quebec (ERQ), but tabled indefinitely a recommendation to move to Phase 2 with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA). According to synodical guidelines, a motion to table indefinitely can be made when it is “wise and prudent to avoid a direct vote on a matter without deciding either positively or negatively.”

Although both denominations currently ordain women deacons, the practice has been steadily decreasing in the ERQ. Ordaining women deacons has been a longstanding (about a hundred years) practice in the RPCNA, however, and delegates seemed to desire more information about the RPCNA’s current practice before making a decision. Tabling indefinitely seemed like a good way to hold off on the decision without casting a negative vote.

Synod also voted to consider all those member denominations of NAPARC with which the URCNA is not already in either Phase 1 or Phase 2 relations to be in Phase 1, Corresponding Relations. Those five federations are: Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Heritage Reformed Congregations, Korean American Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church in America, and Presbyterian Reformed Church.

Be sure to read the full report in the next issue of Christian Renewal.


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