Support your author friends

"I saw that book you wrote, and I almost bought it." "I walked past the bookstore and saw a poster for the book you wrote, but I didn't go inside and buy it." True quotes. People have actually said these things to authors. Maybe they genuinely couldn't afford to buy the book. Maybe they view … Continue reading Support your author friends

The End is near

During a workshop at Glen West, when someone asked Larry Woiwode how he begins a novel. He said, "Most often lately, I tend to see the ending, so I find the beginning and get to the end from there." I sighed. I'd never had that experience. In fact, most of the time I come up … Continue reading The End is near

Pragmatism, inspiration, and redemption

During the fiction workshop at Glen West, the first and most frequent question instructor Larry Woiwode asked was: "Does it work?" That's the primary consideration. Either a piece of writing works or it doesn't. This may seem a rather pragmatic view, but it's crucial to establish a work's viability before going on to other important questions, … Continue reading Pragmatism, inspiration, and redemption

Begin to write by writing

The post-it note centered above my computer monitor daily reminds me, "Begin to write by writing." It's a phrase that struck me during a writing course years ago. Anyone can think about writing, but you have to put your fingers on the keyboard and actually write if you want to be a writer. Readers of … Continue reading Begin to write by writing

The Glen West experience

How would you like to spend several days participating in a productive workshop and living within a creative community? Attend Glen West! Many years ago, Gideon Strauss and I chatted about Christianity and culture. I was writing a series of articles for Christian Renewal on Christians in the arts, and he's passionate about promoting art and leadership … Continue reading The Glen West experience

Post-Glen West

Glen West is an amazing, exhilarating, creative experience. Monday afternoon I returned home after spending several days as a participant in its fiction workshop under the instruction of Larry Woiwode. Remember how I recently reflected on the Place of Place?  That post quoted from Woiwode and concluded: Wouldn’t you love to learn more about place … Continue reading Post-Glen West

Living Echoes ending

Last night, driving home after a very long day, I was praying for wisdom and guidance on a lot of things. As I prayed, the beauty of  a crescent moon and its reflection on a smooth lake made my heart ache. And I suddenly realized that, in the prayer and the beauty, God had given … Continue reading Living Echoes ending

Living Echoes lives

Living Echoes, one of my current fiction WIP (Works in Progress) lives! It's been over a year since I reported on this novel's progress. The construction of alternating short "now" scenes and longer "then" scenes has made it difficult to write. But this summer I've felt compelled to finish it. Writers often talk about reaching "The … Continue reading Living Echoes lives

Blog hopping

My friend Yvonne Anderson writes fascinating sci-fi, and her blog is one of the stops on the Christian Book Lovers Hop, going on now: June 25-30. What is a blog hop? It's a creative way to link blogs and give readers a chance to win free stuff. It looks like most of the blogs on … Continue reading Blog hopping

Doubling time

Nearly every writer feels pulled. Pulled between writing compulsion and family commitments.  It can feel like being the increasingly fraying rope in a tug-of-war. In a writing course I once took, I was challenged to consider the hours poured into relational commitments as doubling my time. Instead of thinking that I'm being pulled away from … Continue reading Doubling time