Plagiarism court case

Any writer abhors plagiarism. I hate to see quotes without proper attribution or sentences and phrases copied verbatim from another source without any effort at attribution. I'd heard about significant plagiarism by big name authors. But I didn't realize plagiarists often steal someone else's entire novel, revamp it a bit and sell it as their own … Continue reading Plagiarism court case


Where can we find atonement?

Storyteller Susan R. Lawrence portrays biblical and historical characters in engrossing presentations; she also writes engaging novels. She's a retired special education teacher who has published two family devotionals, contributed to three anthologies, and written many articles for various Christian publications. Today Glenda Mathes interviews her in connection with the current launch of her new novel … Continue reading Where can we find atonement?

NaNo end nears

For thousands of writers around the world, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is winding down. Or perhaps, speeding up. In these last days of November, NaNoWriMo participants have less than 48 hours to hit the 50,000 word count goal. Those writers in the winner's circle are resting on their laurels, while those who can see the … Continue reading NaNo end nears

Begin to write by writing

The post-it note centered above my computer monitor daily reminds me, "Begin to write by writing." It's a phrase that struck me during a writing course years ago. Anyone can think about writing, but you have to put your fingers on the keyboard and actually write if you want to be a writer. Readers of … Continue reading Begin to write by writing

Post-Glen West

Glen West is an amazing, exhilarating, creative experience. Monday afternoon I returned home after spending several days as a participant in its fiction workshop under the instruction of Larry Woiwode. Remember how I recently reflected on the Place of Place?  That post quoted from Woiwode and concluded: Wouldn’t you love to learn more about place … Continue reading Post-Glen West