The End is near


During a workshop at Glen West, when someone asked Larry Woiwode how he begins a novel. He said, “Most often lately, I tend to see the ending, so I find the beginning and get to the end from there.”

I sighed. I’d never had that experience. In fact, most of the time I come up with a first line and work from there. Once I saw a scene, so I wrote it and figured out where it belonged in the story. But I’d never begun at the end.

This week, however, I came close. I’ve been struggling with a beginning to a novel and was thinking and praying about it, when the end suddenly came to me. I have only a few chapters written in the work in progress, and I’m not even sure of the beginning, but I’ve already typed “The End.”

I have no idea if it will stay the way it is, but I have a feeling it will.


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