First glimpse of Matthew Muddles Through

I'm getting increasingly excited as I inch closer to launching the first novel of my "Matthew in the Middle" juvenile fiction series: Matthew Muddles Through.  It's especially exciting to share this first glimpse of the cover with you. Thanks to Ken Raney, of Clash Creative, for his excellent artwork and his patience with me during the process. Here's the … Continue reading First glimpse of Matthew Muddles Through

Matthew comes alive

When I think how much fun I've had with Matthew this year, I almost feel guilty. Almost. Last winter I picked up my Matthew in the Middle series and began completely rewriting the entire thing. This summer I cranked out astounding weekly word counts. Early in August, I finished the first draft of the final … Continue reading Matthew comes alive

Fiction focus

Focusing on fiction every Friday has been my longstanding practice, but lately my fiction focus has flowed into nearly every other day. And something else has been flowing. Since mid-May, I've logged an astounding 67,000 words of fiction writing. Okay, so it's only been 66,926 words as of this moment. But the day is young. … Continue reading Fiction focus

Matt’s back!

Way back in January, I wrote of completing the second draft of Matthew Muddles Through and my hope to pare down its word count (you can read that post here). Since then I've spent most of my time concentrating on preparing presentations for an intense speaking trip (which you can read about here). But after my return … Continue reading Matt’s back!

Through Matthew’s muddling

Five years ago, a fifth-grader named Matthew entered my life. I ignored him for too many years, but he's been taking center stage lately. This morning I finished him off. Strictly speaking, I didn't finish him off completely. I only finished the second draft of the first manuscript in his series, Matthew Muddles Through. It seems … Continue reading Through Matthew’s muddling

Resurrecting Matthew

Remember Matthew? Those of you who've been reading my novel for years may recall him. He's the protagonist of a juvenile fiction series I originally began more than five years ago. And it's been more than a year since I mentioned him. Poor Matthew's gone through some serious surgeries and lengthy hospital stays.  But he's … Continue reading Resurrecting Matthew

Matthew still lives

Those of you who've followed my blog for a very long time may remember Matthew, the protagonist of a juvenile fiction series I started writing nearly five years ago. Poor Matthew's been "in hospital" for so long that even I began to despair of his release. For many reasons, this week seemed like a good … Continue reading Matthew still lives