Matthew Moves Ahead!

Matthew Moves Ahead, the third book in the Matthew in the Middle series is now available on Amazon! After three long years of waiting, Matthew Vos is finally going to the Cadet International Camporee! He’s earning money to buy supplies, but the lawnmower slips from his grip and cuts through a customer’s garden. Matthew’s hopes … Continue reading Matthew Moves Ahead!


First glimpse of Matthew Muddles Through

I'm getting increasingly excited as I inch closer to launching the first novel of my "Matthew in the Middle" juvenile fiction series: Matthew Muddles Through.  It's especially exciting to share this first glimpse of the cover with you. Thanks to Ken Raney, of Clash Creative, for his excellent artwork and his patience with me during the process. Here's the … Continue reading First glimpse of Matthew Muddles Through

Matt’s back!

Way back in January, I wrote of completing the second draft of Matthew Muddles Through and my hope to pare down its word count (you can read that post here). Since then I've spent most of my time concentrating on preparing presentations for an intense speaking trip (which you can read about here). But after my return … Continue reading Matt’s back!