The Delight and Truth of Fiction

William Boekestein, pastor of Immanuel Fellowship Church in Kalamazoo, MI, was recently appointed as the social media coordinator for Reformed Fellowship, publisher of the¬†The Outlook. In his continuing task to help Reformed Fellowship build an online presence and engage meaningful internet discussion, he posted yesterday (October 20, 2016) a link to my article on Fiction's … Continue reading The Delight and Truth of Fiction


Through Matthew’s muddling

Five years ago, a fifth-grader named Matthew entered my life. I ignored him for too many years, but he's been taking center stage lately. This morning I finished him off. Strictly speaking, I didn't finish him off completely. I only finished the second draft of the first manuscript in his series,¬†Matthew Muddles Through. It seems … Continue reading Through Matthew’s muddling

New location for Providence in Des Moines

On June 16, 2013, about 80 people attended the first worship service of Providence Reformed Church at its new location in Des Moines. The beautiful sanctuary was filled with filtered light during a celebratory service emphasizing the lordship of Christ and the blessing of His completely accomplished atonement. As part of a continuing series on … Continue reading New location for Providence in Des Moines