URC’s Michael Brown in Milan, Italy

After more than four months of waiting for the Italian government to grant a religious visa, things suddenly fell into place with a whirlwind of activity for Rev. Michael Brown and his family. Rev. Brown was installed to his position as missionary on November 18, 2018. He, his wife Janie, and their youngest son Iain … Continue reading URC’s Michael Brown in Milan, Italy


An American Pastor in Italy: From Santee to Milan for the Brown family

We want the gospel to be proclaimed to all nations, we pray for our missionaries, and we write out generous checks for mission endeavors. But how many of us would be willing to give up our comfortable homes and familiar communities to live and work in a foreign country among people who speak a different … Continue reading An American Pastor in Italy: From Santee to Milan for the Brown family

Milan annual conference on family

A Reformed congregation in Milan, Italy (Chiesa Evangelica Riformata ‘Filadelfia’ [CERF]), hosted a conference on April 25-26, 2014. Speaker Rev. William Boekestein (Covenant URC in Carbondale, PA) addressed six subjects related to marriage and family, based primarily on Colossians 3:17-21.In his introduction on Friday, Rev. Boekestein discussed family dynamics. “Without question, relationships can be difficult,” … Continue reading Milan annual conference on family

Photographer Fritz Liedtke: An eye for incarnational art

The following interview with Fritz Liedtke by Glenda Mathes appeared on pages 47-49 of the April 16, 2014, issue of Christian Renewal. Viewing the extraordinary fine art photography of Fritz Liedtke opens your eyes to the unique beauty of each person created in God’s image. “Everybody has a history, everybody has secrets, everybody hurts,” he says. … Continue reading Photographer Fritz Liedtke: An eye for incarnational art

New exhorter for Reformation Italy

On May 16, 2013, Chiesa Riformata Filadelfia church leaders examined Mark Patterson for his license to exhort. Having successfully sustained his exam, Patterson exhorted on May 19. Rev. Andrea Ferrari relates that Mark and Sonia Patterson and their 12-year-old son, Daniel, began attending Chiesa Riformata Filadelfia in Milan about a year and half ago. Both … Continue reading New exhorter for Reformation Italy

A Romanian seminarian in need

Rev. Andrea Ferrari and his church in Milan, Italy, are working with believers in Bucharest, Romania, who long to establish a Reformed church. One young Romanian couple, Mihai and Lidia Corcea, plan to move to the United States this summer so that Mihai may study at Westminster Seminary California (WSC). Mihai has been accepted to … Continue reading A Romanian seminarian in need

Milan church: Renovation and reformation

The meeting place of Chiesa Evangelica Riformata Filadelfia (CERF) in Milan, Italy, is undergoing a major renovation. For some time, the congregation has been meeting in a 630 square-foot former computer store. The building, surrounded by apartments and factories, is located on the northern outskirts of Milan. Many people from southern Italy moved to the … Continue reading Milan church: Renovation and reformation