The Delight and Truth of Fiction

William Boekestein, pastor of Immanuel Fellowship Church in Kalamazoo, MI, was recently appointed as the social media coordinator for Reformed Fellowship, publisher of the The Outlook. In his continuing task to help Reformed Fellowship build an online presence and engage meaningful internet discussion, he posted yesterday (October 20, 2016) a link to my article on Fiction's … Continue reading The Delight and Truth of Fiction


Fiction’s Delight and Truth

An article I wrote about why Christians should read fiction appears in the November issue of The Outlook. You can page through this online preview to read that article as well as a lovely review of my Matthew books.

Book club?

Not all great ideas turn out to be viable options. It seemed like a good idea to start a blog book club, but I've been having second --- and even third --- thoughts. First, it turned out to require a lot more time than I anticipated, both preparing and blogging. Time is at a premium … Continue reading Book club?

Preacher heritage (Gilead-2)

Welcome to Fiction Friday and my blog book club! In last Friday's post, I invited you to join me in discussing Gilead, a novel by Marilynne Robinson. It's worth noting that Robinson's writing successes span genres; she's published different types of nonfiction as well as fiction. That's what I want to be when I grow up: an inter-genrational author. Today's … Continue reading Preacher heritage (Gilead-2)

Soul balm (Gilead-1)

How would you like to read a book with me? What do you say we read a bit in a novel each week and then meet here on Fridays to discuss what we've read? Doesn't that sound like a great idea? Okay, I confess. I got this great idea from Tim Challies, who has been … Continue reading Soul balm (Gilead-1)