Book club?

Not all great ideas turn out to be viable options. It seemed like a good idea to start a blog book club, but I’ve been having second — and even third — thoughts.

First, it turned out to require a lot more time than I anticipated, both preparing and blogging. Time is at a premium for me, and I must be discerning about how I spend this valuable resource.

Second, it was a lot of work. I am not shy about work, and I don’t think I’m lazy, but I like to know that my work is worthwhile. And I’m just not sure if this venture is worth all the effort.

Third, and this is the primary thing bothering me, it hasn’t been as interactive as I’d have liked. In fact, apart from some “likes” it hasn’t been interactive at all.

So I’m taking some time to assess the blog book club concept. And I’m inviting some friends and acquaintances to help get the conversation started.

Glenda Mathes seeking and receiving Marilynne Robinson’s signature in her copy of Gilead.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see my blog book club begin or want to join a discussion of Gilead by Marilynne Robinson, please let me know. The best way to do that would be to comment on this post. Maybe you’ll have to set up an account in order to comment, but that’s a free and fairly painless process.

If you missed my previous two posts about this, you can find the first one here. And the second one here.

If you have suggestions for how this blog book club could work, I’d really appreciate hearing them. I don’t think it’s wise for me to expend precious time and energy on something that isn’t beneficial or enjoyable for others. So let me know what you think. Please.


4 thoughts on “Book club?

  1. Jim Oord and I are in a similar situation over on URC Psalmody, where we’ve been systematically discussing a (nonfiction) book on psalm-singing, Sing a New Song. We usually get plenty of likes but a sad shortage of comments. (It can be pretty demotivating sometimes.)

    To keep the discussion going, however, we’ve come up with an interesting system. We each read the chapter; then we discuss it and work over it together via instant messaging. Then I just copy the conversation into a blog post and edit it to make it concise and coherent. So even if our readers don’t always participate, we post our own discussion which tends to get people interested and involved.

    Maybe that’s not feasible or practical in your case. I just wanted to offer encouragement and the suggestion, though. I only wish I had the time to be a member of this Gilead book club!



  2. I think the book discussion blog is worthwhile. Perhaps you need to broaden your communication to the outside world that it exists. Around town, you could post some fliers in places likely to attract readers that will be interactive (coffeehouses, library, bookstores, etc.). Also, have you put the idea out on your facebook page yet? That would also draw some people in. I am looking forward to participating!

    1. These are great ideas, Valerie. I have mentioned it on Facebook with a link to my blog. I’m so thankful that you plan to participate!

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