URC in DeMotte purchases new building

  At a congregational meeting on December 14, 2015, Immanuel URC in DeMotte, IN, voted to purchase a building and parsonage. Immanuel’s Chairman of Consistory, Mark Van Der Molen, relates what led to the proposal. “As a bit of background, Immanuel has been evaluating plans for new construction for a number of years, and that … Continue reading URC in DeMotte purchases new building

Remembering Dr. Richard J. Venema

  On November 30, 2015, the Lord took home to glory Dr. Richard J. Venema at the age of 93. He served many churches in multiple federations and was well-known within the Reformed community as a forthright defender of God’s truth. Writing a memorial piece always carries the danger of either idolizing or idealizing a … Continue reading Remembering Dr. Richard J. Venema

URC Pastors taking up new church families

Three pastors, all graduates of Mid-America Reformed Seminary, are bidding farewell to their initial congregations and taking up the ministerial mantle in second charges. Rev. Nick Alons (2006) has moved from the United Reformed Church of Prince Edward Island (PEI) to Lynwood URC in Lansing, IL. Rev. Steve Swets (2007) is moving from Immanuel Covenant Reformed … Continue reading URC Pastors taking up new church families

First URC of Oak Lawn: 100 years and counting

  The stately building of First United Reformed Church sits on a tree-lined corner of Oak Lawn, Illinois. The historic building reflects a lengthy history of Christian worship, and the congregation celebrated its 100th anniversary on September 13, 2015. About 250 people attended that day’s morning service, 180 enjoyed a fellowship lunch, and 200 participated … Continue reading First URC of Oak Lawn: 100 years and counting

Thinking Christianly about vocation, work, and leisure

  Protestants traditionally demonstrate an active work ethic, but many—perhaps particularly within Dutch Reformed circles—have more difficulty viewing leisure appropriately. At the annual fall conference of Covenant Reformed Church in Pella, IA, Leland Ryken, long-time professor and prolific author, guided attendees in developing a biblical view of vocation, work, and leisure. He addressed each of … Continue reading Thinking Christianly about vocation, work, and leisure

God’s Spirit at work in women’s prison

If number of tears shed is an indication, Divine Hope’s summer study center at Rockville Correctional Facility was a huge success. Tears sprang to eyes as women inmates shared heartbreaking concerns. Tears flowed as music touched hearts. And tears welled in eyes shining with joy and hope in Jesus Christ. “God mightily blessed the six-week … Continue reading God’s Spirit at work in women’s prison

Chino conference explores money matters

Few topics generate more feeling than money, but it seems few churches offer regular direction on biblical stewardship. On March 20-21, 2015, First United Reformed Church of Chino addressed this important subject in its annual Growing Reformed Churches Conference under the theme, “Financial Freedom: Liberated From the Love of Money.” Chino’s Youth Pastor, Rev. Quentin … Continue reading Chino conference explores money matters

Conference for “Ordinary” ministers

Sunny southern California will be the setting for the 2015 URCNA Ministers’ Conference, scheduled for June 1-3 at Westminster Seminary California (WSC) in Escondido. To encourage regular pastors to continued faithfulness, this year’s theme is “The Ordinary Ministry.” Conference organizer Rev. Andrew Compton explains why that theme was chosen. “Perhaps as a sort of push-back … Continue reading Conference for “Ordinary” ministers

New lease for life of San Antonio OPC

San Antonio Reformed Church, a mission work of the OPC, hoped to begin meeting in a new facility on March 15, 2015. The group recently signed a three-year lease for a storefront near the easily-accessible intersection of Interstate 410 (locally known as Loop 410) and Broadway. “We are very excited about the move,” Pastor Andrew … Continue reading New lease for life of San Antonio OPC

Study Center to open at Rockville Women’s Prison

The open door for ministering to women prisoners in Rockville, IN, was recently thrown wider. Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary has the opportunity to begin a study center within the prison this summer, and organizers are planning a unique conference and fellowship experience with a retreat tone. Two courses on the Heidelberg Catechism will be … Continue reading Study Center to open at Rockville Women’s Prison