New lease for life of San Antonio OPC

Baptism service
Baptism service

San Antonio Reformed Church, a mission work of the OPC, hoped to begin meeting in a new facility on March 15, 2015. The group recently signed a three-year lease for a storefront near the easily-accessible intersection of Interstate 410 (locally known as Loop 410) and Broadway.

“We are very excited about the move,” Pastor Andrew Moody says, “because not only will we be easier to get to, but we will also have exclusive use of the space 24/7.”

Round-the-clock access was a privilege the group did not enjoy in their former location, the Alamo University Center in Live Oak, a shared space owned by the Alamo Community College District. Another advantage will be the new site’s more centralized locality.

The mission work began a little over three years ago under the supervision of Grace OPC, which is located on San Antonio’s northwest side. Several of the church’s families were driving about 40 minutes to attend Grace and expressed a desire for a daughter church on the northeast side of the city.

“When we saw the need, we began meeting for Bible study on Sunday evenings to see if the Lord was opening the door for a church plant,” Pastor Moody explains. “He blessed the work and provided the growth.”

After several new families joined the church from other parts of town last year, church leaders decided to find a more central location for worship. The elders of Grace OPC approved the lease for the new space in February.

“I am thankful for these brothers, who take the time to oversee the church in addition to their busy lives and ministry,” Rev. Moody says. “As our mission work has continued to grow, so has Grace. The Lord is blessing our ministries together. San Antonio and its surrounding suburbs cover a large area. There is a need for more church planting work here in the coming years as the Lord provides the resources. I hope that God grows us to the extent that we can plant a daughter church in another part of the city.”

Children learning the Apostles Creed
Children reciting the Apostles Creed

When asked his goal for San Antonio Reformed Church, Pastor Moody replied, “My goal for this church is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. My prayer from the beginning has been that we will see people saved into the Reformed faith. This requires a heart of compassion for unbelievers, and the willingness of the church members to reach out to those around them, speaking the truth in love, and showing others the sacrificial love of Christ.”

Andrew Moody attended Westminster Seminary California for two years, and then transferred to Westminster Theological Seminary’s Dallas campus, where he completed his M.Div. in 2005. He served as a ruling elder in Garland, TX, and as a pastoral intern and associate pastor in Amarillo before leaving in 2010 to plant a church in northwest Houston (now Cornerstone OPC). His work there overlapped with his initial church planting work in San Antonio.

Pastor Moody and members have worked to paint and prepare the facility and look forward to expanded opportunities in it. They already gather for retreats and other fellowship events throughout the year. Bible studies for men and for women meet on alternating Wednesday evenings, while an active youth group meets two Fridays each month. On Sundays, classes for all ages meet at 9:30, followed by worship at 11:00. Twice a month, a leadership training class meets on Sunday afternoons. More information about the church is available on its website.

The above article by Glenda Mathes appeared on pages 13 & 15 of the March 18, 2015, issue of Christian Renewal.


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