>Geeking Beeke

>Am I the only one who gets annoyed at advertisements on email accounts?

My Gmail account picks up random phrases or words from the contents of messages and slaps what its cybermind views as related advertisements on the side of my work space. So while I’m discussing “belief systems” in the context of writing a Christian catechism, Google is trying to entice me to link with sites about Shamanism or Buddhism.

My Yahoo account flashes “I geek…” ads across the top of my workspace. I really don’t care that the burly fellow geeks superheros and especially that the pretty young woman geeks vampires (although the little boy who geeks worms is very cute and reminds me of my pastor’s youngest son). When these ads first began flashing on my screen, I was surprised to see an older woman who was–apparently–geeking Beeke. I thought, “Can it possibly be that this advertisement is promoting Dr. Joel Beeke and his Reformed theology?”

It wasn’t long before I learned that my first glimpes of that particular advertisement had been cut short. I discovered that the kind-looking older woman was actually geeking “beekeeping” instead of “Beeke.”

It made more sense, but I confess to a small measure of disappointment as well as a large measure of laughter at my own expense.


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