>Halfway! Yea!

>Today is a happy day!

Today I was able to send away Lesson 13 in the Grade 5 catechism curriculum I am writing. Since the volume will have 25 lessons, this means I am just over halfway—an attained goal that makes me ecstatic!

I was asked in July if I would be willing and able to write the lessons with a December 1 deadline. I figured out a schedule that appeared viable and agreed to the work. I submitted an outline in the form of a table of contents, indicating which questions and answers of the Heidelberg Catechism will be covered in each lesson.

I also submitted the first two lessons before the end of July. I struggled with several lessons, but was able to submit seven more in August. The most recent four lessons, submitted this month, have gone a bit better.

During the last few weeks, I’ve gotten into a better schedule that helps me handle my many writing commitments. I try to work on each of my primary commitments in two-hour blocks every day. Since I have more commitments than available blocks of productive writing time each day, this doesn’t always work out. And sometimes a catechism lesson takes far more hours than I’d expected. But aiming for this schedule helps avoid my excruciating frustration at reaching the week’s end without working on something crucial.

My intense schedule has been very difficult for me to handle, but God has been gracious above and beyond my wildest imaginings. It would have been great to have had one or two years to think about and work on the catechism project, but he is providing what I need to write these lessons to an intense deadline. He graciously brings to mind scripture I know, things I’ve read over the years, sermons I’ve heard preached, knowledge I’ve witnessed at classical examinations, and memories of growing up as a child and raising children of my own to help me identify with my young readers.

This morning my heart overflows with thankfulness in being able to reach this halfway milestone on my catechism project journey. My prayer is that these lessons will be extremely helpful to instructor and that through them many young hearts will be touched with the truth of the gospel.


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