>Two Months Later

>Two months ago today we moved my sister to a nursing home about a half hour away. Tommorrow we must move her to another nursing home about an hour away.

She keeps trying to exit the building and since it is not a locked facility, this created a lot of problems for the staff. We hope that she will adjust quickly to her new surroundings and will be able to be medicated less. It took about six weeks for her to adjust to the first nursing home, and that was with the remarkable assistance of our foster sister who works there.

We tried hard this week to find something closer to home, especially for the sake of my parents, but nothing was available. This week it has become increasingly clear to us that this was our only option.

We had a family meeting today and everyone present agreed to go ahead with the move. We have peace with that decision.

My sister is a unique nursing home resident because she is only 53 years old. She is Down Syndrome and has early onset of Alzheimer’s.

Change is difficult for people with Down Syndrome; change is distressing for people with Alzheimer’s. Please join me in praying for a relatively smooth transition and for my sister to have peace.


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