>Autograph Book

>When I was in grade school, autograph books were popular. They were small albums with blank pages and one asked one’s friends to write in them. I was thrilled when my mom bought me an autograph book. I could hardly wait to ask my friends to write in it.

After several of my friends had each written one of the many witty rhymes making the rounds, I thought I would do something different: I would ask my teacher to write in my autograph book.

My teacher solemnly accepted the book from my hand and told me she would give it back after the noon recess. When I stopped by her desk after recess, she handed it to me with a face that seemed even more serious than usual.

As class began, I surreptitiously snuck a glance in my autograph book to see what she’d written. In her beautiful and perfect handwriting, she had written:

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”
Proverbs 3:5

I quickly shut the book and put it away. I can still feel the hot blush on my face. I confess that I thought writing a Bible verse in an autograph book was a little strange. I was both slightly angry and slightly embarrassed.

Know what? I can’t remember a single one of those witty scribblings or even which of my friends wrote in my autograph book. But I remember my teacher’s serious face when she handed the book back to me. And I’ve never forgotten the verse.

In God’s providence, she chose a scripture passage that was just right for me. I was one of the “smart kids” and I knew it. I liked to be a leader and boss other students around because, after all, my ideas were the best!

My whole life has been a series of events that continue to teach me the great truth of learning to lean on the Lord and not on my own understanding. I constantly must remind myself to seek his guidance in all things.

Total dependence and seeking God’s guidance are not without reward. In miraculous ways, I’ve seen time and again how things I thought were the worst possible scenario were God’s way of working for my good. He has taken the most convoluted, twisted paths of my life and made them straight.

I’m still learning to lean on the Lord and seek his will in all things. But I’ve learned that the more you lean on him, the more you will see his will in your life and your paths will become straight.


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