>Jeannette Windle

>On Sunday (and early Monday morning!) I read Jeannette Windle’s novel, Betrayed. I was familiar with her as an author since I had placed two of her books, CrossFire and its sequel Firestorm, in our church library. But I learned a lot more about her when I attended some of her seminars at the HAWCN writer’s conference in November. I ordered more of her books and finally had the opportunity to read Betrayed.

Windle is a master storyteller whose creative skills are matched by investigative skills that create unparalleled authenticity.

If you’re interested in authentic depictions of third world countries and politics, check out her adult novels. She’s also written an exciting series for pre-teen readers about the Parker Twins as well as a young adult novel, Jana’s Journal.

This morning I visited her website and blog. The regime history and assessments of her January 10 and 19 blog entries are well worth reading. I’ve added a link to her blog on my “blog” sidebar. Check it out!


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