>Christ and the Future

>A very nice surprise came in my mail recently: the published copy of Christ and the Future by Dr. Cornelis P. Venema. This is an abridged version of Dr. Venema’s excellent work, The Promise of the Future, which deals with eschatology (doctrines regarding the last things). Both books have been published by the Banner of Truth Trust.

The Promise of the Future was 538 pages, including bibliography, glossary, and indices. The text alone totaled 488 pages. Christ and the Future contains a mere 224 pages.

The publisher’s description states: “Prepared especially with the non-specialist reader in mind, Christ and the Future expertly summarizes the Bible’s teaching about the last things. The Christ-centred nature of the biblical teaching on the future is the main emphasis throughout, as the author shows us the future of the individual, the church, and, indeed, the whole universe.”

In the author’s preface, Dr. Venema kindly acknowledges my contribution to the abridgement with these complimentary remarks: “…Glenda Mathes, a freelance writer from Pella, Iowa, graciously consented to assist in the project. Glenda contributed significantly to the daunting task of abridging the original manuscript. I hereby wish to acknowledge and express my thanks for her considerable contribution to the abridgement of the earlier book.”

Remembering all the work involved in the project and recalling primarily the marked-up manuscript, I felt blessed to hold in my hands this beautiful bound book.


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