>Catechism Project

>The October 29 issue of Christian Renewal contained the following article, which I wrote about a new catechism project in the URCNA.

First United Reformed Church of Chino, CA, is undertaking a monumental task: creating a coordinated catechism curriculum for grades five through twelve.

“It was because there was no up-to-date coordinated catechism curriculum on the Three Forms of Unity available to us and to the other churches that the consistory of the First URC, Chino, decided to create such a curriculum,” says Rev. Ronald Scheuers, who is heading up the project as general editor.

Rev. Scheuers explains that the curriculum, entitled “Life in Christ,” will contain one volume for each grade level, each volume consisting of 25 interactive lessons. Students will be reading an explanation, filling in blanks, evaluating biblical passages, and memorizing text from scripture and the confessions. Although the main emphasis is on the Three Forms of Unity, frequent references to the Westminster standards make the material useful for Presbyterian churches as well.

“With the prayer and financial help of many other United Reformed churches,” says Rev. Scheuers, “we have been able to employ authors and editors, some of whom are doing their work for no pay and all of them for much less pay than they would normally receive for such work, so that we now have over 175 of the 200 lessons written.” All of the written lessons are currently in the editorial process.

Authors for the “Life in Christ” material include Rev. Andrew Cammenga, Dr. Warren Lammers, Mrs. Laurie Vanden Heuvel, Rev. Bradd Nymeyer, and Rev. Ronald Scheuers. Three copy editors are currently assisting with the project.

First URC is still in negotiations with a publisher, but the hope is for the curriculum to be available to the churches by fall of 2010.

As the process becomes more intense and closer to publication date, those involved in the project very much appreciate the prayers of God’s people within the Reformed community.

“We are very grateful for the prayer and financial support of many of the churches in this project,” says Rev. Scheuers.

Although I didn’t mention it in the article, I’ve been helping with the editing for the last few months. The goal is for all editing to be completed by March 1 of 2009, and I figure I have to do at least five lessons per work week in order to meet that deadline. And that is why I am going to get off line and get to work now.


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