>Deer Hunting

>We went deer hunting when Iowa’s first shotgun season opened on Saturday. Dave and a friend who hunts with us filled their tags on Saturday. I didn’t.

Dave went out with me yesterday morning for moral support. I saw two, shot one, but didn’t bring it down. I’ve been mentally beating up on myself ever since. I went out again later in the afternoon, but didn’t see anything except a gray squirrel.

I think I’m finished deer hunting for this year. The best hunting hours coincide with my most productive early morning hours, and I don’t feel as if I can afford any more of those hours away from my office since I have a lot of work hanging over my head like Democles’ sword.

It has been my third season of frustration. When I went deer hunting for the first time with Dave, I dropped a deer within ten minutes of sunrise on the first day of season. Please read about it on my December 3, 2005 post, “What I did this morning.” It’s less discouraging than this report.

Last year was the first time in years that neither one of us got anything. Our meat supply was completely gone. This year Dave got a deer with his bow license and one with his shotgun license, so we have sufficient meat.

My hunting frustrations of the last few years reminds me of my sporadic golfing performance.

I rarely golf and usually play a very poor game. Just about the time I’m ready to throw away my clubs, one of them makes a good enough connection with the ball that I think, “I believe I’ll hang on to these things.”

It’s time to make a good hunting connection.


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