>The Day the Laptop Died

>For some time, I’ve been thinking that my old IBM laptop was on its last diode. It had been starting sporadically; sometimes it would boot up and sometimes it wouldn’t.

Last week we spent some time comparing different models at various big box stores. And we went back to one store on Saturday (after we got paid) to see if a couple of Sony demos might still be available. One had been sold, but we were talking to the salesman about the other and were ready to say, “We’ll take it,” when his manager came by and told him that the computer had just been sold by their Wisconsin store.

Last night I decided I would just try to get by with my old laptop for Synod next week. This morning, I plugged it again and tried once more to start it. In spite of repeated efforts, I cannot get it to boot up at all. It has given up its electronic ghost.

Looks like I’ll be taking notes the old fashioned way at Synod next week: pen and paper.


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