>I’d like to be
less technically
and more

As I wrote in my last post, my old IBM ThinkPad has given up its electronic ghost. I get error messages that look like they’re from the 80s with a funny little bird fluttering its wings instead of a blinking cursor.

What I’d like is a sleek Sony, weighing about four pounds, with Windows XP. All the new models I’ve seen have VISTA, and I’ve heard some less than favorable opinions that make me leery of it. I’d prefer to have an operating system with which I’m familiar and one that doesn’t take a ton of memory to run.

But this is mere dreaming since I have neither the time nor money to purchase a laptop right now, which is too bad, since I hope, the Lord willing, to observe the URCNA Synod next week. And this Synod comes around only once in three years.

I managed the OPC GA with pen and paper, so I guess I can get through the URCNA Synod the same way.

If I were more technically literate, I’d know just what speed and memory I need. But the array of choices and the bidding process on uBid intimidate this technically challenged soul.

If I were more technically literate, I could figure out how to fix my mom’s computer so it doesn’t disconnect as soon as she tries to send a message.

If I were more technically literate, I could fix the church’s web server, so we could update current information and construct a new site.

There are a lot of things I could do, if I were more technically literate.

But I’m thankful that I’m literate, that is, able to read and write. There are people I love who cannot do that. But that makes them no less valuable in God’s sight.


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