Literary lyrics

Any regular reader of this blog knows that I love psalms. I love reading and meditating on them. And I love singing them in worship. But I also like singing hymns during the service, especially when they tie in well with the sermon and focus the mind on the divine. Hymns often duplicate the message … Continue reading Literary lyrics

Looking and listening to Jesus

Yesterday we heard two convicting sermons. At the morning service our ministerial intern, Pablo Landázuri, preached on "Running the Race of Christian Life" from Hebrews 11:32-12:3. He pointed out that this race requires perseverance and patience. There are three ways we must run the race: by considering that we are surrounded by a great cloud of … Continue reading Looking and listening to Jesus

URCNA Synod-1: Worship!

Synod Nyack 2012 of the United Reformed Churches in North America began on Monday evening, June 11, with a wonderful evening of prayer and worship. Delegates, wives, and others crowded the auditorium to pray for God's blessing and sing praises to him. Elder Steve Hanko, from Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church, described it best when … Continue reading URCNA Synod-1: Worship!

Biblical worship conference: Joyful reverence and awe

Church plants often struggle to survive. And survival mode forces a focus on bare basics, leaving little energy and few resources for evangelism or outreach. But Sioux Falls United Reformed Church Fellowship, a church plant in Classis Central of the URCNA, has surpassed survival mode to host a recent conference on worship. “With Joyful Reverence … Continue reading Biblical worship conference: Joyful reverence and awe