Whose Words whisper in the Wind?

Book review: Words in the Wind by Yvonne Anderson, Gateway to Gannah #2 Risen Books, paperback; 296 pages; © 2012 Reviewed by Glenda Mathes Most people who've read Christian speculative fiction view it as poorly written, often romance masquerading as sci-fi with an awkward conversion scene thrown in. Obviously, they haven't read Yvonne Anderson's "Gateway to … Continue reading Whose Words whisper in the Wind?


Words in the Wind

This week my friend, Yvonne Anderson,  launched the second in her "Gateway to Gannah" series, Words in the Wind. Readers of the first book, Story in the Stars, will be happy to know that Dassa and Pik are back, but won't be surprised to hear that both are faced with the biggest challenges of their lives. Marooned … Continue reading Words in the Wind