An open door in Uganda

  People often say that God doesn’t close a door without opening another, and we frequently see it happen. More rarely the newly-opened door requires stepping over the threshold into a different country. But that huge step of faith for the David and Rashel Robbins family is actually the fulfillment of their lifelong dreams. Even … Continue reading An open door in Uganda

Tuiningas in Uganda: Surprised by joy

Reading about third-world challenges the Eric & Dianna Tuininga family face as missionaries in Uganda put one’s first-world problems into perspective. Three days without water would be a crisis in any North American town, but the Tuiningas recently went without city water for three weeks. They once had no power for two weeks. Water and … Continue reading Tuiningas in Uganda: Surprised by joy

Moving to Mbale

It’s difficult enough to imagine moving to Mbale, Uganda, but the difficulty increases exponentially if one considers moving a family of ten there. That, however, is exactly what Rev. Eric and Dianna Tuininga hope to do.   Rev. Tuininga will serve as a missionary evangelist with the OPC for the next four to five years … Continue reading Moving to Mbale