URCNA Synod-2: Officers

  Synod Nyack 2012 of the URCNA convened this morning with Rev. Rich Kuiken serving as Chairman pro tem. Delegates elected Rev. Ron Scheuers as Chairman, Rev. John Bouwers was elected Vice Chair, Rev. Doug Barnes as First Clerk, and Rev. Greg Lubbers as Second Clerk. Delegates will now work in their assigned advisary committees … Continue reading URCNA Synod-2: Officers

URCNA Synod-1: Worship!

Synod Nyack 2012 of the United Reformed Churches in North America began on Monday evening, June 11, with a wonderful evening of prayer and worship. Delegates, wives, and others crowded the auditorium to pray for God's blessing and sing praises to him. Elder Steve Hanko, from Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church, described it best when … Continue reading URCNA Synod-1: Worship!

Little One Lost – Synod launch

I received word from the publisher that, Lord willing, Little One Lost: Living with Early Infant Loss will launch at the URCNA Synod Nyack 2012! Only a very limited number of copies are scheduled to arrive at the college on Thursday, where they'll be available at the Reformed Fellowship table at half-price, only $5! You … Continue reading Little One Lost – Synod launch

URCNA Synod 2012: Songbook

What subject most fiercely fuels worship wars? Music! Traditional or contemporary? Book or screen? Accompaniment or a capella? Organ or guitar? Choir at the front or choir at the back? The list of possible debates is as extensive as styles of music. For years the URCNA has been working on a new songbook, which isĀ one … Continue reading URCNA Synod 2012: Songbook